Rudy Gay
Rudy Gay says he’s good to go (Photo: Rocky Widner/NBAE/Getty Images)

Rudy Gay ruptured his Achilles last season, which is probably a large part of why the San Antonio Spurs were able to sign him for such a bargain (two years, $17 million). Gay tells ESPN’s Michael C. Wright that he is ready for the upcoming season:

It’s great. I actually worked out today. I’m fully cleared to do everything. I’m fine now. The team, it has its own planning with me. But I’m ready to go. I’ll definitely be ready by camp.

Gay’s priority for the upcoming season is winning a championship:

Looking at my career, it’s just time to win. That’s what it’s mostly about. I’ve been in this league for a little while now, and I haven’t gotten out of my career what I wanted. Coming to a place like San Antonio, it just seemed perfect for me.

Gay also discussed his envisioned role with the Spurs:

I’ve talked to [Spurs coach Gregg Popovich], and we’ve had a couple of conversations. My game is one thing. But when a team wants to sign you, and you sign with a team, they have their own vision for you. So obviously, I want to take my game to another level. And if anybody knows how to do that, it would be Gregg Popovich.

We’ve talked. The game is changing a lot. It’s all about positional basketball. The more guys that can play different positions, the better. So that’s pretty much it. There’s not too much to talk about. You have your teams like Golden State, Houston, who all have guys that are switchable. I think I can bring that to this team.


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