Reports say that the Houston Rockets will put Dwight Howard in the Power Forward position and Omer Asik as their center. Now this is confusing. I know they’re both naturally centers and someone has to be a PF but I don’t see why it’s not the other way round.

Howard is arguably the best center in the league, he’s a rebound boss and all about post play and put backs.

Asik moves all around the court. He doesn’t just stay down low, he’s great on the fast break and he’s quite speedy for a guy his size. He’s not a physical specimen like D12 but he can get the job done.

Personally I’d have Howard at the 5, Asik at the 4. i’m not speaking for Asik or quoting him but he seems more of a Power Forward that a center. But what do I know? It’s up to Kevin McHale and the coaching staff to make the decision.


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