You think you know gamblers? Check out the most often reoccurring types of gamblers
So you think you know what a gambler looks like, huh? Maybe you enjoy spinning the roulette wheel or betting on your favorite team yourself, but do you know how many different archetypes of gamblers you can find in the world? There are surely some that you have seen firsthand as well, but in case you’re curious to find out about more, check out these top gambler categories. Also, if it gives you a betting itch, you can check out

The one that takes precautions

Usually, people bet to win, but these guys bet so that they might win…if they lose. That sounds strange as a concept but it’s really not that hard to understand. Basically, these people are placing bets in such a way that if one of their bets is lost, it offers a winning opportunity for the other bet. It’s quite a smart idea and while it might come at the cost of the total earnings potential, it’s a way of making sure that they at least don’t go home empty handed. It doesn’t always work that way but you can’t blame them for trying.

The “Professional”

We all have that one friend that just won’t shut up about the latest matches and who’s playing who. Not only that, but they’re also very eager to let you know that they have the necessary knowledge to win big by betting on one team or the other. They usually do, but they usually lose as well. What comes after is usually the comedic payoff for having to put up with their shenanigans for multiple days in a row. While they are passionate about betting, they don’t really have the necessary skills to pull off big bets or to predict big scores.

The Lucky Casual

The betting world doesn’t have a lot of casuals. Most people that bet once also bet again next week, and the week after that, and so on. However, casuals exist, and whether it’s because they have the knowledge to back them up or are just incredibly lucky, their bets end up in a win. Most people call it the luck of the beginners but they’re not really beginners, they’re just people that don’t bet that often. Many would agree that it’s a better approach to bet in smaller quantities but be successful in a larger percentage ratio.

The One That Complicates Everything

There are very simple bets such as picking the winning side between two teams, and there are more complicated bets such as predicting the correct number of corner shots in a soccer game in the first half, and also who is in the lead before halftime. The more you choose to complicate yourself with details on your bet, the more you stand to earn. However, it also increases your chances of failure, considerably.


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