Paul George
Paul George (Screenshot via Gatorade / YouTube)

Paul George is leading the Indiana Pacers in a first round 2017 NBA Playoffs battle against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers allowing us to watch PG-13 take on the King. It’s a lowkey great rivalry between two of the NBA’s best wings of the last decade.

But after a one point loss in game 1 to the Cavaliers many were wondering why PG didn’t have the last shot in the game, Paul George chief among those asking why. His clutch stats might not be that good throughout his career but there was a televised game-winner from Paul George this week.

Alright, well it might be in a new commercial from Gatorade for their new ‘Flow’ drink but it was still a great shot.

Gatorade Flow features a new taste, while still providing athletes with the same nutrients and replenishment as the original Gatorade. Flow is available in four flavors: Blackberry Wave, Citrus Crash, Kiwi Strawberry, and the 7-Eleven exclusive, Strawberry Splash.

Videos courtesy of Gatorade.

Paul George wasn’t the only postseason star to have his own Gatorade flow commercial. Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane, who is currently on the brink of being swept out of the Stanley Cup playoffs in an eight over one upset, got a Gatorade ‘Flow’ ad of his own.


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