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Its good to see so many people coming together to help out in a time of need. As we all are aware this past Boston Marathon was unfortunately bombed and so many lives were impacted by this. Well Packer Shoes and New Balance have decided to team up and create a Boston Marathon Collection Charity pack.

Packer Shoes is launching the 2013 New Balance Boston Marathon tomorrow evening, with all proceeds from all sales through Monday, April 22 going to the Boys & Girls Club in Martin’s hometown of Dorchester, Massachusetts. The “Global City Pack” collection consists of special make-ups of the 890v3 and 990v3 made to commemorate the release.

View more details at PS941.com and look for the shoes tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. EST at packershoes.com.

Who plans on trying to cop a pair? Leave a comment below letting us know your thoughts.


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