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“It’s an ode to the fly ladies. Too many bad b*tches nowadays. Shoutout to the women who just keep it fly.” – Dapa Don


I am not surprised that Dapa Don has decided to unleash his track ‘Nothing On U’ featuring Heartbreak Mellz as a single. I mean if you listened to #FOOD2, his latest body of work, it was one of the many standouts  Just saying, I wouldn’t steer you guys wrong but I did say there were a couple of goodies on there. Providing artwork for the track, if you haven’t heard the song yet it doesn’t take rocket science to see what the song is about. With Heartbreak Mellz providing smooth opening vocals, we catch BK’s own Dapa Don winning over the heart of a lovely lady by letting her know that there is no one who compares to her.

I’m sure we’ve all had that young lady who we had to reassure that she was one of a kind and our eyes were only checking for her. Now whether you were gassing her or being truthful, that’s your business but we have all been there one way or another.

Check out the track below and if for some strange reason you haven’t checked out FOOD2 yet, do so now.



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