Nicki Minaj recently sat down with the UK’s ‘The Guardian’ newspaper and discussed everything from her private family affairs to her young impressionable fan base. Check out some of the highlights below.

If she’d stop swearing in her songs for her young fans:
“Why do people ask me to lose swear words? Do people ask Eminem to lose swear words? Do they ask Lil Wayne to lose swear words? I did an interview the other day and when I saw it back I’m like, why the hell did she make the interview all about some goddamned kids? It was crazy. Five-year-old children shouldn’t be the subject of a Nicki Minaj interview.”

On how her name changed from Onika Tanya Maraj to Nicki Minaj:
“Somebody changed my name. One of the first production deals I signed, the guy wanted my name to be Minaj and I fought him tooth and nail. But he convinced me. I’ve always hated it.”

How she feels when fans tell her that she’s sold out with pop records:
“My first single was called Your Love, and it was a pop song. I did a song called Knockout with Lil Wayne about three years ago. Nobody said anything about that. Why? Because it didn’t become huge like Starships. That’s what irritates me. People always want to talk about who I was, but I’ve always been singing, always been experimenting with pop music. So the fact that it got huge one day, should I apologise for that? Should I apologise that Starships and Super Bass did well, and children like them, and Middle America can sing along? There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m just broadening my fan base. I think everyone should enjoy music.”

To read the entire in-depth interview, click here.


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