January 30th, 2013

New iPad Case Turns iPad into Gaming Device

Sari @SariSoteria

Given the design of the iPad, which is purely touchscreen save one button, you wouldn’t mistake it for a gaming device. However, that all might change. Recent studies show that the current trend is that tablet owners are spending more and more time playing games on their devices. Unfortunately, a lot of popular games are difficult to play with just a touchscreen.

This is where Audojo comes in. Audojo is an iPad case that doesn’t just protect your iPad but enhances your gaming experience by turning your tablet into a mobile-gaming console. It does this by providing full console-like controls including triggers, buttons, a D-pad, and joysticks. It even includes stereo speakers for an enhanced audio experience. These additions would make games, especially first-person shooters, extremely easy to play as it gives the user more control. Audojo isn’t getting rid of touchscreen usability either, it’s just adding physical controls for the more traditional gamer. This may even lead to games being developed specifically to be used with the Audojo case.

Audojo’s Kickstarter can be found here.

To check out the Audojo in action, check out this video.


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