Stranger Things
Netflix released a teaser trailer during the Super-bowl of the season 2 of the fan favourite ‘Stranger Things’ set to Release Halloween of this year. Cred. Netflix

Last year, Stranger Things took Netflix by storm, becoming one of the most popular shows on TV and with season 2, they hope they can keep pushing the momentum. The first season followed a group of kids, who find themselves looking for their friend Will after his ‘strange’ disappearance. It also introduced us to Eleven, a girl who has incredible powers and has recently escaped from being experimented on. Although we don’t know what season 2 holds exactly for us, the Super-Bowl trailer released gives us a good indication that things are just going to get stranger (Via Fresh Movie Trailers):

Egos? Brainwashing? Aliens? The teaser trailer gives us glimpses at a lot different elements that are going to be introduced in season 2, but no real indication as to what the plot will be. We do know that the gang of kids are back together and in Ghostbusters gear, so hopefully, this season will be even more jam-packed. Season 2 is set to release on Halloween of this year, and there’s no doubt that things will only get stranger until then.


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