Players union president Chris Paul announced its decision to match donations for hurricane relief (via NBPA)

The NBA community has taken up arms as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have ravaged the United States and the Caribbean Islands. They’re not stopping anytime soon as the need for aid is still prevalent.

That’s why the NBPA is getting involved. The players’ union, via Chris Paul, has announced that it will match all player-made donations, up to $20,000 to send relief to those in need.

Paul is also adding another $20,000 donation (he previously donated $50,000 to JJ Watt’s call for donations).

Paul is not the only member of the Rockets to be putting money into the efforts. James Harden has donated a million dollars while Rockets owner Leslie Alexander reportedly increased his donation to ten million dollars.

Tim Duncan recently asked for everyone to donate to his own fundraiser aimed at helping those in the Caribbean Islands, including his home of the Virgin Islands.

This is just the latest act of kindness from the NBA community as they do their best to help the less fortunate affected by a particularly destructive hurricane season.


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