Every couple of years NBA talking heads have the conversation of ditching the NBA Draft Lottery and the past conversations didn’t last more than a week or two. But this one conversation is different.

If you read this post from The Score and then this one talking about a “Wheel Format” from Grantland you can see that this time it’s a legit conversation that will go on for longer than a couple of weeks.

This all comes from the current NBA season where many teams are “tanking” their season just so they can get the no.1 pick. And it’s not a surprise. The possible Draft class is amazingly stacked. This could possibly be the best first round since the 03 Draft (LeBron, Wade, Melo etc.) so it’s no surprise that teams are deliberately playing terrible (even though they won’t admit that) just so they can get lucky in the lottery. But it’s such a mainstream issue now, somebody has to sort it out and that’s why the wheel format might come in to fruition and kill off the ping pong ball bonanza that is the Draft lottery.

Something to think about Mr Silver…


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