Rich Hil released his new mixtape I Just Got Outta Rehab via his blog No Limos.

Side A
1. No Intentions
2. Best Thing In My Life
3. 6×3
4. Alone In My Room
5. Bring Me Down
6. Can U Me Whisper (Intro)
7. Don’t Go Doll
8. East Side Rebel
9. Evanescence
10. Girl You Gotta

Side B
1. Gone
2. Mrs. Lady
3. Reasons
4. Ricky
5. She Be On One
6. She’ll Be Leanin’
7. They Can Make Us Go
8. They Don’t Love You
9. Well Got Damnit
10. Zonin’

Download: Rich Hil – I Just Got Outta Rehab Side A | Side B


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