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Conor McGregor (Al Bello/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

On Wednesday night, the Memphis Grizzlies traveled to Los Angeles and battled the Clippers. Their rivalry was renewed a little bit with tough play and some hard fouls but at the end, the Grizz came out victorious.

Gasol drilled a clutch corner three to put the Grizzlies ahead of the Clippers. And afterwards he broke out what has been dubbed the ‘Conor McGregor strut’.

Gasol even noted that the strut was for McGregor by sending out a tweet after the game quoting what Conor said following his UFC 205 victory.

McGregor is not only the notorious one in the octagon but he’s also notorious for doing this walk before or after his bouts. And he’s just an overall great character.

But that walk you see in the above video appears to be something McGregor picked up from another sports entertainment personality.

If the phrase ‘no chance, that’s what you got’ sounds familiar, then you know exactly who he is talking about. WWE owner Vince McMahon is the man with the power walk swag and the song Conor was singing. Vince is the original one to break out the ‘billionaire strut’ every time he walks down to the ring. He set the stage for McGregor and Gasol.

So now it’s time to choose. Who has the best strut? Marc Gasol is tall and his limbs flopping around absolutely looks hilarious. Is it better than McGregor or Vince? Probably not. Conor is more emphatic with his strut and the way he moves his limbs. But you can not deny the original, the legend, Vince McMahon. I mean he’s the only billionaire in the group so he should automatically win. But if McGregor ends up getting a share the UFC, his value might increase just a little bit.

No matter who you pick when it comes to the ‘billionaire strut’, one thing is certain. It should be a move used by very, very few people. Do NOT make this a trend.

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