Real Madrid's Sergio Rodriguez
That beard is reaching Harden proportion. (Dani Pozo/AFP)

With the NBA becoming more of an international force, the more international players that come in. And with the international players come significant European talent like Kristaps Porzingis.

Sergio Rodriguez, who played in the NBA for four years between 2006 and 2010 has been considered one of the best point guards in the EuroLeague and now after spending five years in Spain, he wants another crack at the NBA.

Front-office executives regard Rodriguez as an elite backup point guard in the NBA, a playmaker at 6-foot-3 who could successfully run a good team for significant stretches of time.

There is a buyout provision in Rodriguez’s Real Madrid contract, but sources familiar with the agreement say it will not be an obstacle to him signing an NBA deal this summer.

Rodriguez’s representatives at CAA began to make calls to teams Friday to gauge initial market interest on the guard, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Now Spanish point guards aren’t very popular in the NBA. (E.g. Ricky Rubio) Alright that was a shot at Rubio. but Rodriguez has been in the NBA before, he has made a decent career for on of the best teams in Europe. I don’t see why somebody won’t pick Rodriguez up during the offseason.


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