(Photo: Josh Groom/Fox Sports Australia)
(Photo: Josh Groom/Fox Sports Australia)

Steve Alford’s prized recruit is Lonzo Ball. He played for Chino Hills High School. Lonzo averaged 25.4 points, 12.9 assists, and 11.5 rebounds per game as a senior. Ball’s command of the team was incredible. He also led the up-tempo offense. Finally, coach Alford was excited about Lonzo’s potential as a freshman guard.

The following is from Aaron Torres of foxsports.com

“Look at the McDonald’s game, you’re sitting there watching the TV like, ‘Are you ever going to shoot?’” Alford said recently with a laugh. “He took like three shots in the McDonald’s game. But he’s going to get 15 assists too, and then he’ll get rebounds, he’ll get steals. He’ll ignite things. But it’s because he understands how to play. He plays the game the right way.”

This comes from Ricky O’Donnell of SB Nation

“My dad told me that you can always slow down but you can’t always speed up,” Ball told SB Nation. “He taught me how to play fast, and ever since then I’ve been playing fast.”

Lonzo is a fantastic point guard. In half-court sets, he will be the primary initiator for the offense. In addition, he makes fantastic passes from all over the court. While at the top of the key he can make a wrap-around bounce pass to his post player or pass it to the cutter for a lay-up. Finally, while in the post he passes or looks to score.

Lonzo Ball also comes to the Bruins with a history of winning. After an undefeated season at Chino Hills, Ball heads to Westwood looking to lead the Bruins back to national prominence. He was the driving force behind a team that consistently dominated other top teams. His drive to win will help the Bruins in PAC 12 play and beyond.


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