April 6th, 2017

Letter To AZ

Mariano @Mariannoo

(Photo by Mika Väisänen)

Too often in our culture, we wait until our legends aren’t around to sing their praises. In an era where your favorite artists are more accessible, on a certain level than ever before; we should take more advantage and let them know what they mean to us. With that being said, I took time out to scribe a letter to, AZ, one of greatest to ever pick up a mic…


Dear, A….listening to your verse on “Life’s A Bitch”……I think to myself “it ain’t too many nice as this.”. That was 23 years ago, it takes a special ear to know God level talk when they hear the flow. “East New York, ’82; first Pumas, navy blue.” painted a picture so vivid….it was almost like I lived it. speaking of quotes, I mention you when I speak of the GOATs. every verse is like a needle of dope, people should know. “Re-Birth” changed the way I listen to rap. sippin the yak now, spinning it back…this is a fact. Wanna thank you for “Aziatic”, that was the point I became an AZ addict. penmanship was like the jersey on McGrady, Magic. whenever Hip Hop gets a Hall Of Fame, I “Wanna Be There” when they call ya name. file this under more “Fan Mail”, the raw remain.


(Credit VIBE)

One of the flyest with the brightest smiles, try me how.?”

You made me aspire to be that cool in a world where the only other person as cool as you was my big brother Dre, my idol. You guys both had this subtle aura about you that said more than y’all could ever do vocally. At times, I felt like if my brother could rap he would sound like you, and that’s when my love for your music began, Understand that when you said: “never sold millions, but f**k it: I’m here to save the babies.” I believed you. Record sales only determine what’s marketable or seen as “hot” at the time, not what’s REAL. “Sugar Hill” is the official anthem to every fresh haircut I get. As soon as the beat drops I can damn near smell the spray and feel the cape being removed from me. Most importantly, understand your spot in Hip-Hop is solidified and your music will live forever.

Sincerely, Mari.

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