May 19th, 2017

LaVar: Lonzo Ball will only work out for Lakers, is Open to Going 1-on-1 against De’Aaron Fox

David Morrow @_DavidMorrow
Lonzo Ball

LaVar continues to speak for Lonzo Ball (Photo: Marcus Smith/ESPN)

Lonzo Ball’s outspoken father LaVar is at it again. He appeared on “The Herd” with Colin Cowherd on Tuesday, and said that his son will only work out for the Los Angeles Lakers:

Cowherd: You said Lonzo will only work out for the Lakers. Why not just spread the joy and the talent around [to] multiple teams?

LaVar: On the fact that he’s only going to the Lakers, so why should we work out for 40 different teams? Or two or three different teams? It’s just the same way we did with Lonzo going to UCLA. I didn’t go on all these recruiting trips and say “wine and dine us and act like you want us.” We knew what we wanted, which was UCLA. We know we want the Lakers, so why are we working out for any other teams?

Well, LaVar, first of all, there are 30 NBA teams, not 40. Second, while Lonzo will likely be a Laker, you don’t actually get to pick the team that he goes to like you pick a college. Boston could take Lonzo first overall. The Lakers could trade their pick or draft somebody else.

LaVar also said that Lonzo would go 1-on-1 against De’Aaron Fox, who scored 39 points against Lonzo in the Sweet 16 as Kentucky eliminated UCLA from the NCAA tournament:

LaVar: Go ahead. He ain’t scared of nobody. You want to work him out one-on-one, and then you gonna see what really goes on. I hope the reporters and all the news is in there. De’Aaron Fox had one game for 39 points. Who else did he do that [against]? You gonna justify his whole career on one game against Lonzo? And like I said, Lonzo’s not a one-on-one guy. I’ll tell you what Lonzo did. He beat every team he played.

Cowherd: He did beat Kentucky, he did.

LaVar: He beat Kentucky, he beat USC. Everybody that beat him, he beat them.

All right, LaVar. if Lonzo isn’t a “one-on-one guy,” then why did you just essentially challenge De’Aaron Fox to a game of one-on-one? What’s that going to do? Also, yes, UCLA did beat Kentucky earlier in the season, but they did flounder when it mattered most, which can’t just be swept under the rug.

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