February 10th, 2013

Latest Rumor Says Apple Might Be Planning iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 for 2013

Sari @SariSoteria

The latest from the Apple rumor mill is that 2013 might be the year for some new iPhones. This information comes from a Chinese mobile phone information site where it was reported that the source saw two new iPhone models at Applie’s suppliers.

These two iPhone models are said to be the iPhone 5S which is rumored for a July 2013 release and a 5-inch iPhone 6. The iPhone 5S will of course be designed similarly to the current iPhone 5 while the iPhone 6 should be lighter and thinner.

This move could be due to the increasing demand for bigger screens and better resolution on iPhones. Many people believe Apple to be missing out on a market segment tailored specifically to people that like larger phones and bigger screens. This rumored iPhone 6 may be Apple’s response to that.


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