If you know what’s good for you, Kris Kasanova is a name that you should get to know starting at this very moment at hand.

Representing strong for Brooklyn, New York, Kris Kasanova isn’t one that you should limit to the minimal expectations of a New York MC. Versatile in his approach, but hitting hard at his core, Kris is putting in the work that will surely put him on the path of inevitable success.

As the light around him continues to grow bright, the rapper latest shining moments comes with his record, “Mitch Knows.” While it clocks in less than two minutes, the message and impact goes far beyond the time limit as he spits off with a fury and passion that can’t help but to draw you in.

A perfect introduction for some and a better reminder for others, “Mitch Knows” is a home run and just another win for Hip-Hop. With only more to come, take a listen to the track and also catch the accompanying music video, below.


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