via: Alex Ovechkin


The Black Mamba continues to enjoy his farewell tour as the number of NBA games left for the Los Angeles Lakers’ star shooting guard are counting down. Throughout this season, Kobe has been signing game worn sneakers and giving them away to the opposing teams star player, so to speak, as a token of his appreciation and leaving a lasting gift for them to remember him by once he is officially gone. The latest exchange of autographed sneakers and also a jersey actually happened with a superstar Hockey player this time. We all know Bean Bryant strives to be the greatest so when the exchange happened to be with Alex Overchkin of the Washington Capitals, it all made sense. But how did Alex become the lucky individual to receive both the sneakers and jersey?

Ovechkin and Bryant bumped into one another at Staples Center as his team was facing off against the Los Angeles Kings on March 9th, which they ended up losing 3-4. The autographed Nike Kobe 11s read “one of the greatest.” and the Lakers jersey says “To Alex, one of the all time greats!”. This was a great gesture on Kobe Bryant’s part and for Alex he has two great additions for his trophy room.




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