Darrelle Revis
All charges were dropped against Darrelle Revis yesterday (Photo via Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Yesterday was Darrelle Revis’ hearing on the “incident” that occurred in  Pittsburgh, Pensylvania a few weeks ago. Soon after the incident occurred, the New York Jets decided to cut Revis. According to reports, Revis has his hometown (longtime) friend to thank – Rashawn Bolton.

NFL Network’s Aditi Kinkhabwala was present in the courtroom. According to her:

Darrelle Revis’ childhood friend (indicated later as Rashawn Bolton) appears before judge, with attorney, and says he pulled accusers off Revis and punched them after they charged. Bolton says he is the one whose voice we hear on video of alleged assault/defense. Revis’ friend tells DA: “If you was my friend and you said you was getting jumped, I’d help you.” Rashawn Bolton, Darrelle Revis’ high school teammate who testifies he levied the knockout punches, leaves court w/out comment.

Is Rashawn Bolton, Revis’ fall guy? Because Bolton took the fall for Revis, all charges against Revis were dropped. According to other reports:

Can teams get past this incident? Will a team be interested in Revis switching positions? Before the hearing, it was probably a no. Now that all charges have been dropped, Revis can focus on luring a team into signing him.


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