Trap Music meets R&B.. Trap&B

Looking to make his mark on 2017, the Nashville vocalist, Johnny Phrank breaks his 5 month hiatus. Nothing wrong with taking time off especially if you need to get things in order and right. Granted he took a break, Johnny Phrank is back to stunt.

Pun intended, by the way, as Johnny liberates this new record dubbed “Stunt”. Fan of trap music but high strung on R&B? Well the Nashville native covers both lanes. Looking to be featured on his upcoming project “Oceanz” EP, ย “Stunt” is produced by Fatir and showcases his confidence as he should be doing. I mean without it, who are you?

I am curious to see what else Johnny Phrank has up his sleeves with the forthcoming EP, listen to “Stunt” below..



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