Photo: Brian Miller

His first sit down interview since the release of 4:44.

Recently, Jay-Z sits down for his first interview since the album’s release with Elliott Wilson and B.Dot on Tidal’s Rap Radar. In the first part of this interview, Carter talks about the making of 4:44. Jay also opens up about the Kanye West situation, and the infamous elevator incident involving himself, wife Beyoncé and Solange.

Jay digs deep into the making of 4:44. “Before I started this album, I studied like not just hip hop, any genre. I studied Prince, I studied Michael.” says Carter. He goes on to finally starting the album, “January 3 was the first day, was the beginning of this album.”  Carter also says after making “Kill Jay-Z” and “The Story Of OJ” is when he knew what the vibe would be like for this album. Jay-Z also talks about his reaction to LEMONADE, which is said to address his infidelity.

“We were working on our shit and becoming tight and super real with each other,” he said. “That shit didn’t mean nothing. It’s hard, of course. It’s difficult to go through, but the real shit…I was there the whole time, the tour, the making of the album, it was therapeutic. It was good. It’s good to deal with your shit. It’s so worth it.”

Check out part 1 of their interview here on Tidal.


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