Jason Kidd Buys Jay Z's Brooklyn Stake | Def Pen


Remember when Jay Z bought a pointless amount of stock in the Brooklyn Nets and everyone thought he was legitimately the king of Brooklyn?

Don’t lie you assumed he owned it all just because he had a front row seat.

Well for your information he had .067 percent (that’s 1/15th of a percent! Exactly, pointless) stake in the team. Turns out its not as pointless as I thought. That .067% is actually equivalent to $500,000…

So why am I talking about this? According to The New York Post Nets head coach Jason Kidd has bought Jay’s share in the team.

It was thought to have happened because of the former shareholder doing what he does best, building his brand and starting the RocNation Sports agency (that already has notable clients such as NY Yankee Robinson Cano and OKC forward Kevin Durant) and that conflict of interest between Jay and fellow owners, in the end lead to the owners preferring Jason Kidd to take the minor stake and we know now that Kidd has accepted.


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