January 11th, 2017

Jae Crowder, John Wall Scuffle Leads to Extra Post-Game Security Near Locker Rooms

Honi Ahmadian @HoniAhm
John Wall

Maybe Crowder was just cleaning out a booger for John Wall (Screenshot via CSN)

For the second time in this NBA season, an on-court altercation was taken perhaps a bit too far. The first was of course several smaller fights between the Mavericks and Rockets resulting in players waiting outside locker rooms to fight although fortunately nothing came of it.

This time, the issue stemmed from a scuffle between John Wall and Jae Crowder after a Celtics win over the Wizards.

The event followed a scrappy game in which Bradley Beal and Marcus Smart had their own fracas.

Of course there were comments about opposing teams afterwards:

And there was also this notable report:

Much like the Mavs-Rockets situation, extra security had to be placed in order to prevent anything serious from happening. Even if nothing was going to come of it, the NBA can’t be happy about multiple such events occurring in the span of a month.

Fortunately, nothing more notable occurred so we could get some laughs:

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