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Image Via New Line

‘IT’ has been in theatres for less than 24 hours and it has already started to break box office records. The Stephen King adaptation was expected to have a big weekend but few expected the film to come out of the gates this hot. ‘IT’ managed to break 4 separate records on its first official night of release. According to the records that were broken are the following,

Largest horror pre-show of all-time.

Largest R-rated pre-show of all-time.

Largest September pre-show of all-time.

Largest pre-show for a movie based on a Stephen King book of all-time.

The film brought in over $13.5 million during its Thursday evening showings. Putting it on pace to smash all of the studio and tracking projections. The film is now projected to potentially bring in over $80 million in its opening weekend. These numbers are absolutely staggering. Few people could have seen these numbers back when ‘IT’ was facing issue after issue during its lead up to production. Warner Brothers and New Line seem to have struck gold and have potentially made the biggest and most financially successful horror film in the history of cinema.

Stay tuned for more details on ‘IT’s’ record breaking box office run as they develop.




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