Now if your a legit NBA nut you must at least know of SLAM magazine. And I was on Twitter and saw that they had a Q&A with Sacramento PG and Sixth Man Of The Year hopeful Isaiah Thomas. Here’s the link if you want to read.
SLAM Q&A: Isaiah Thomas

And there was one quote that significantly caught my eye.

I want to be the best “Little Guy” to ever play.

Alright. Pump your brakes. Firstly your talking about replacing the likes of Muggsy Bogues, Isiah Thomas (Pistons royalty), Allen Iverson! Sorry but no.

Don’t get me wrong Isaiah Thomas is doing amazing things considering he was the last pick of the 2011 Draft. Out of all his fellow draftees he’s 6th in career minutes, 4th in points and 3rd in assists… That’s definitely nothing to sneeze at. But if he wants to be the best little guy EVER, you need to have a solid starting position on a Playoff contending team and at the moment Isaiah is not there. Sorry Sacramento you might make the Playoffs. From there I can’t vouch for you.

Now it’ll be something if he has a good career with the staple of being the last pick in his Draft and I think he’s already achieving that but to get on the level on the original Isiah and A.I? That’s a VERY high bar to jump over and he is 5″9 you know?

But hey that’s what goals are for… To strive for greatness.


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