January 24th, 2013

iPhone 5 4G LTE to Expand to 36 New Carriers Next Week

Sari @SariSoteria

Apple has announced its plan to more than double the number of carriers that support 4G LTE data service for its flagship iPhone 5. Thirty-six new carriers are being added to the existing 24 carriers that support LTE for the iPhone 5.

This news comes from Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook, who has said, “Next week we are adding 36 more carriers for LTE support. These carriers will be in countries that we are not currently supporting LTE.” Countries that already support LTE include the US, Canada, Japan, the UK, Korea, Germany, Australia, and more.

Among the the new countries that will be receiving LTE support is Italy, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Philippines, and several middle eastern countries.

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