The Machine
Conway “Birdy” (official music video) directed by Phil Missana

“…eatin pasta like a mobster, silk Prada pajamas.” is the line playing as I type this introduction for a man who really doesn’t need one if you’re in the correct company. For those who aren’t yet familiar with the voice, the face, or the subtle laugh: meet Conway The Machine.

Machine: an apparatus using or applying mechanical power and having several parts, each with a definite function and together performing a particular task.

Conway, the brother of fellow Buffalo MC Westside Gunn, is to be mentioned amongst the best rappers breathing if he’s to be spoken of at all. Combining a gritty flow with charisma and wit, he operates as if he’s on autopilot and the bars aren’t a task as much as they are another day at the office.

In most cases, comparing what you’ve never heard to what you love spells a disadvantage for the former, but calling him the modern day Kool G. Rap is a statement I stand by. The feelings held by some of my favorites as it pertains to the influence and subsequent adoration of what G. Rap brought to the game is felt throughout Con’s catalog.

Conway “Air Holez” f/ Westside Gunn (official video) directed by BlackBelt Jones

Show you what this gun and this beam for. Smoking gas on Fairfax, threw the roach in front of Supreme store.” -Conway “Omar’s Coming

When excellent penmanship meets equally great music, it’s as much of a breath of fresh air as it is a rarity. Often times the two aren’t mutually exclusive as one usually has to play the bench in order for the other to get recognized; not the case here. Conway has a way of blending the essence of Hip-Hop with the reality of the streets and energy of the new era that makes him iconic in the eyes of many. One set of eyes in that group paying attention is none other that Eminem.

Still ill when I write it. When they don’t mention me top 5, I feel slighted.” Conway “Rex Ryan

Gunn and Conway, or Griselda, recently signed to Shady Records and the entire Hip Hop world should champion this move. It sends a clear message that not only will great music reign supreme, but that you don’t have to compromise your sound to be heard; you simply have to say something worth listening to.

Griselda x Shady
L to R: Conway x Eminem x Westside Gunn (via Eminem’s Instagram)

The signing came with a treat for fans in the form of a new song. Gunn and Conway aka Hall & Nash give us this gem, “Machine Gun Black” over Just Blaze production. Em starts the track off declaring our shared hometown, Detroit, to be a long lost cousin of Buffalo, NY and the rest is history.

Conway is set to release his next project, “GOAT”, very soon. With no concrete date as of yet, the Buffalo MC is exuding more confidence than ever as we approach GOAT season.

In the meantime, get familiar with their catalog, starting with, but not limited to “Griselda’s Ghost”, “FlyGod”, and “Reject 2”. Until next time, honor our legends while they’re hear to receive the praise. Holla.



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