April 18th, 2017

Freddie Gibbs Talks About Writing “You Only Live 2wice” In Jail


Freddie Gibbs opens up about his writings while in jail. Gibbs was incarcerated in Austria while awaiting rape charges, only being acquitted last September.

Gibbs recently sat down with Complex to speak about his time in Austria. The Gary Indiana rapper also spoke on how he wrote two of his albums from jail. One of the albums, You Only Live 2wice, dropped March 31.

“I pretty much wrote everything in my cell in Austria,” he said. “I just wrote things down, wrote ideas, because I didn’t think that I was gonna be able to rap again. You just never know man, so I just wrote a lot of shit. And when I got home I got production and just went in and pieced it together like a seamstress. Everything that I wanted to say I got it all out in this project. And I think that’s why this was so significant for me.”

Gibbs, who also has another album, Bandanna with Madlb, hasn’t dropped when he’ll be releasing that. He did confirm the project is indeed real. “Y’all pretty much know that I’m about to drop the bomb with this Madlib shit.”

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