Chris Brown

Chris Brown has been involved in another artist-on-artist brawl. This time, the opposer was Frank Ocean.

TMZ reports that Chris was leaving Westlake Studio in Los Angeles when he was stopped by Frank Ocean and his Odd Future posse. Apparently, Chris reached to shake Frank’s hand when the two artists began to exchange words. Eventually, some pushing and shoving occurred between Brown and Ocean and a brawl between their cliques. It has been stated that the initial argument started over a parking spot.

Police have been called to the scene. Details are still cloudy as we await comments from either side.

UPDATE #4: Chris Brown has been spotted sporting a new hand cast as a result of the fight.

Chris Brown Cast

UPDATE #3: Chris Brown is looking at a possible probation violation as Complex has received hospital reports stating that Frank Ocean received some minor scratches from the scuffle.

UPDATE #2: Just when we thought Frank Ocean might be a low-key G, the NY Post reports that the singer-songwriter has decided to press charges against Chris Brown.

UPDATE: In the video below, Frank Ocean and Chris Brown’s security guards get into it.


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