Dylan Strome
Dylan Strome (Terry Wilson/ OHL Images)

Arizona Coyotes prospect Dylan Strome is known for his scoring ability, scoring 15 goals in 20 games for the Erie Otters this season.But now he may be known for something less common, scoring goals with another player’s stick.

During Wednesday night’s game against the London Knights, Strome collided with Knights defender Brandon Crawley, causing Crawley to drop his stick. Instead of picking up his own, Crawley took the stick Strome was holding, leaving Strome without one.

Strome went back and picked up the stick Crawley originally had, received the puck between the faceoff circles, and shot the puck top shelf past the Knights goaltender.

Strome and Crawley would exchange sticks after the play, but Strome was not too happy about the play. Before picking up the stick Strome can be seen yelling at the referees. Strome told reporters after the game ” I got a little pissed off”.

The full comment from Strome via Mark Scheig:

“That was one of the weirdest plays ever. I was skating in front of the net and he had my stick, so I was yelling at the ref. I just thought I should probably grab his stick. We’re in the O-zone. I got pretty pissed off. We made a couple of plays and I got to the net and it worked out pretty well.”


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