Dwight Howard Has Little Trade Value According To Poll Of 8 NBA Executives
Dwight Howard
Dwight Howard (Daniel Shirey/Getty Images North America)

Dwight Howard’s career took a deep dive into calamity when he left the Magic in favor of the glitzy Los Angeles Lakers. Back injuries, a strange personality, and his propensity to smile led to angry comments and years of intense criticism. These strong feelings stemmed from how good he truly was. At a young age he willed a Magic team to the Finals, won multiple defensive player of the year awards, and looked to be primed to become an all time great.

He then never developed a post game, whined publicly, and did not perform up to his standards. He has now found himself back in his hometown, playing for the Hawks where he is again unhappy with his current role.

With his future in Atlanta in doubt, despite a quietly productive season, the Hawks may want to look around to see what they could possibly get in return for him. To save them a little time, Kevin Arnovitz took a look himself by polling 8 NBA front office executives. What he found can not be reassuring for Hawks fans.

While it is not surprising that Dwight Howard would yield little in terms of trade value, it is surprising how little. Howard can still be a productive player and at this point it just takes the right coach to convince him that he does not deserve to get post up touches. The fear is, that may never come and at least 8 NBA GM’s wouldn’t care to sign him.


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