Damien The Architect - 'YRIW' (Your Right I'm Wrong) | Def Pen

When you think of Denver Colorado, the first thing that comes to mind is the marijuana business. I mean, let’s be honest here. But then there’s a buzzing music scene which features just 21 years old, Damien The Architect.

Looking to fuse R&B and Rap, Damien is considered to be an R&B Rapper. Think Bryson Tiller for example. At this point, a new genre of music/sound is being implemented but as the artist, you have to figure out a niche that works for you. As for the Denver native, he’s done just that.

His debut album “For Your Girl Too” is slated to drop June 30th and his first single “YRIW” (You Right I’m Wrong) produced by Juice Bangers is here. Check it out below.


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