Damian Lillard
Look for Damian Lillard and his music to be on the upcoming NBA 2k18 video game (Mark Downey/Lucid Images)

Damian Lillard is one of the most talented basketball players on earth but that’s not all the 27-year-old is exceptionally good at. While he’s been trying to push his Portland Trail Blazers towards the top of the Western Conference during his first five NBA seasons, Lillard has simultaneously earned himself major attention as a rapper during that same span under the moniker ‘Dame D.O.L.L.A’.

While Lillard is one of the best and most exciting offensive players in the league, his music has also been thrust into the spotlight and he even dropped his debut album ‘The Letter O’ last October, a project that did well on charts worldwide. Recently on his Twitter, Lillard revealed another off-court achievement, stating that his music will be featured on the soundtrack of the upcoming NBA 2k18 game:

According to his tweet, Lillard will have two tracks featured on the soundtrack, high praise from the creators of the popular 2k game. There aren’t many people who are talented enough to thrive in both, the professional basketball and music field but Lillard has been doing just that for the past few years.

The last and only other NBA player who’s music was featured on a 2k game was Ron Artest on NBA 2k11, making this a rare accomplishment. Look for Lillard to continue being a pioneer and excelling as a charting hip-hop artist and as an all-star caliber NBA point guard.


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