December 18th, 2013

Countdown: No “Question” Legends Never Die, The “Answer” Lives On – Top A.I Sneakers

Delly Ralph @PoundSignDead

There will only be one “Question” and one “Answer” in the NBA; Allen Iverson, the 6 foot point guard/shooting guard with the heart of a 6’8 player. “The Answer” officially made his retirement from the game he without a doubt had his hand in revolutionizing. After a sit down interview with Sway to discuss a few things about basketball, sneakers, retirement, his crossover and etc. I then began to ask myself a question as well.

When you come together and remember such a player of A.I’s magnitude where do you begin?

Well thats what we are for as well as sharing with you guys our top 14 sneakers in A.I’s signature line (14 for the number of seasons he played).

First things first lets start things off with what had the whole world talking and watching the then “Question”.. check it out

Of course we had to revisit that legendary moment (sorry MJ fans). This was a time in the NBA where the crossover wasn’t being utilized the way A.I was when he came into the league. The flashy jewlery, the hip hop persona, tattoos, the corn rolls and all the outer perceptions people saw of Iverson could not deny how he brought a style of play into the NBA that ultimately led to rule changes (regarding the crossover and “palming” as well the mandatory dress code implemented in 2005). One of the GOATs.

*Iverson RBK ” I am What I am” video*

“A lot of people don’t know I’m just like them… just human. You know, I play with a lot of attitude but they don’t understand when I leave that arena I’m sombody’s husband, I’m somebody’s dad.”
– Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson, with no room for doubts or second guessing is a future Hall of Fame inductee and if you beg to differ lets revisit what does the most talking; numbers.

– 24,368 points over the course of 14 seasons

– 11x All-Star

– League MVP

– 4x NBA Scoring Champion

– 3x Steals Leader

– 3x All NBA First Team, 3x All NBA Second Team & 1x All NBA Third Team

– Rookie of The Year

Also lets not forget the little guy A.I holds a PPG avg. of 26.7

After all the praising is said and done, like all good things they must come to an end though.

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