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Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor cemented his status as the biggest star in the UFC right now, if not of all-time, after his victory over Eddie Alvarez in the main event lightweight title fight during UFC 205. Being the champion at both the lightweight and featherweight divisions means Conor has double the demands ahead of him and it also means he has double the potential opponent ahead of him. He has to defend the belts or eventually give them up. McGregor is not looking to drop the belts anytime soon but he is looking to take some time off away from the octagon.

One reason Conor wants to step away is because his girlfriend, Dee Devlin, is expecting to give birth in May. Despite Conor’s tough occupation, the future child is scaring McGregor. But there’s another reason Conor wants to take time off. He wants to become a part-owner of the UFC and make some extra money.

With the recent sale of the company to the WME-IMG group, a whole host of celebrities acquired part-ownership of the UFC. Now McGregor wants a piece of that pie.

Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting reported the following from Conor McGregor’s post-fight press conference.

You can’t blame ‘The Notorious’ one for wanting to get into the business. Conor appears to be steadfast in setting up his future beyond this current stretch of his career. Being the first champion in two weight divisions at the same time is great, but he’s not going to be 28 forever. Conor McGregor is being smart about his money and getting into the company is some way is the best way to setup and solidify his future.

Check out Conor’s full post-fight press conference below.


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