Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo Anthony (Elsa/Getty Images)

ESPN is currently releasing their list of top 100 NBA players. On Tuesday, they released nos. 51-75. Carmelo Anthony found himself at 64 on that list, behind players like Lonzo Ball, Eric Gordon and Danny Green. Anthony took his feelings to Twitter:

Washington Wizards power forward Markieff Morris agrees:

Anthony isn’t the only player frustrated at where a media organization has him ranked; DeMar DeRozan, for the second consecutive year, is upset about Sports Illustrated’s ranking:

SI had DeRozan ranked 36th, 10 spots up from last year. DeRozan doesn’t appear to be satisfied with a 10-spot jump, though. For what it’s worth, SI had Anthony one spot behind DeRozan, at 37.

The act of ranking players is subjective and extremely difficult. Nobody can do it perfectly… Except for us (I’m kidding, but I do think our top 50 list is pretty damn good). We had Anthony at 39 and DeRozan at 28.


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