Bullet Club
Bullet Club artwork

couple stacks I would make, with the mac on my waist. I could send a package upstate and get you stabbed in the face” -Conway The Machine

After dropping an in studio teaser on Instagram a while back, the latest jewel from 2/3 of the GXFR brick (Conway and Benny) featuring Queens legend Lloyd Banks is here. “Bullet Club”, produced by Daringer, is exactly what the game needs from every aspect. Conway has cemented himself as the grimiest out when it comes to imagery with the bars, from pain to paradise. Banks continues to excel with incredible wordplay and flow.

figured I’d hit the top with those I seen the bottom with. wrong, they switched; my circle so small I’m standing out of it. episodes of a giant, hand me my monument. steal off the table, bet he won’t have a family to count it with.” -Lloyd Banks

Benny, in my opinion has the best verse of 2017 so far with this one. He’s rapping like the chip on his shoulder is more like a brick or a boulder; you’ll understand maybe when you get older.

have you sippin’ Ace, pullin’ up like Ace in the Beamer. but first you gotta relate to that Ace in the cleaners.” -Benny

Nothing more to say except throw this on repeat and stop saying things like “nobody’s rapping anymore”. REAL RAP IS HERE. This is what it would sound like if the ’96 Bulls or the ’17 Warriors could rap.


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