Bro Safari and UFO! sample Notorious B.I.G. in their new track “Burn The Block”.

In anticipation of our album coming out this Wednesday, May 22, UFO! and I have decided to give away one of the tracks today.

This is song #6 of 10 on the record and it’s called Burn The Block.

The album, Animal, will be a free download. We will post links on our social sites on Wednesday morning, so that you can grab the whole album in .zip format. You will also have the option of downloading the songs, one by one, on our soundcloud pages, but we recommend getting the zip file and listening to it as a whole!

We’d like to offer a very sincere thank you to everyone who has supported our efforts as a collaborative team over the last few years. We truly love working together and we’re already planning our next album. A lot of time and energy went into making this happen, and the fact that we can give it away for free, on our own terms, is amazing. So, THANK YOU!!!

Enjoy “Burn The Block” and keep an eye out on Wednesday for the full length album from myself and UFO! – Animal.


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