The latest package of audio dope from the Buffalo Bar-barians is here in the form of Luger. Produced by the one and only Daringer, this sounds like the music that plays when you’re headed to the ring to defend your world heavyweight title. Conway brings an amazing new flow out of his arsenal, Gunn effortlessly floats with his usual high end fashion and drug bars, but Benny steals the show if you ask me.

Benny’s verse was very well paced, complemented the beat perfectly, and left me wishing he rhymed for another 2 minutes at least. He’s been promising and delivering at a high rate as of late, especially with the release of “Rick” a little over a week ago. Word has it that we should expect an official Benny album in the next few weeks, stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted.

When people complain about Hip Hop being “dead” or in a bad place, I immediately know those same people have never heard of this trio. Individually these MCs have solid cases for being top 5 of the new class, together they’re absolutely unfair. Also, Gunn and Conway should be commended for setting an example of how you get on and bring your team with you. They’re the newest artists on Shady Records and they’ve used their momentum to give Benny an even bigger push. That’s what love and loyalty looks like. Buffalo should be proud.

For now, remember when Omar would show up at the door or local drug dealers and they dropped the bag down? The bag is here.


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