Bad Bunny PNB Rock Soy Poer Remix

When it comes to Hip Hop, the genre’s impact is at a level that touches various people across many backgrounds, races, and more. So, when it comes to Spanish artist, Bad Bunny, the rapper is bringing the essence of Hip Hop to his music and is currently going strong.

Seeing success with his hit single, “Soy Peor,” the rapper has been succesfully riding on the wave that was provided, due to great public reception. Getting an even greater look that has only drew in more attention, Hip Hop’s own, PNB Rock, laid his touches on the track and issued up a new remix will unite both fanbases.

Essentially a best of both worlds, the energy provided by “Soy Peor” is as stable as ever. Hear it for yourself and listen to Bad Bunny and PNB Rock collide, below.


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