Jus Smith
Born: 1990
Origin: Harlem, NY
Genre(s): Hip-Hop

Action. Fashion. Excitement. Money. Pretty women. Hustlers. These are all things that spring to your mind’s forefront when you think of Harlem, and these are just a few of the elements in this eclectic community. And these are some of the ingredients infused in the boy Jus Smith aka The G5, who brings a unique brand of rap into the crowded hip hop arena. The difference is, he’s different. His lyrics highlight the fun, thrills and perils that come with growing up a resident of Uptown USA.

Growing up in El Barrio an area known by the city as Convict Alley, Jus eluded the long arm of the law by instead focusing on his studies, playing basketball and crafting witty narratives. He was raised by a loving single mother with the help of his grandma. A solid family foundation was in place, very rare in the hard scrabble environment he encountered after his exit from the womb. Influenced by two older brothers and a block filled with “upscale animals” as he describes them, Jus listened to an array of artists from a time before he can remember. After hooking up with longtime friend and producer Var Ez, the two began to create a sound that is stand out in its ability to draw you in with the positive energy. Jus brings real life experience to the table, from having to work to earn income to make his own way, to attending college to losing friends to the constant violence that engulfs the streets he still calls home to this day. The kid floats above negativity to make music that fans worldwide can enjoy. Check him out. The feeling of euphoria will come over you as his lyrics leave you in awe and force you to add him to your favorite rappers list.