Born: 1983
Origin: Queens, New York
Genre(s): Hip-Hop

Lionel “Chinx” Pickens was born on December 4th 1983, a representative of Far Rockaway, Queens NY. Chinx and his good friend the late Stack Bundles formed the collective known as the “Riot Squad” and began to flourish in New York’s underground rap scene. In 2007 Stack Bundles was murdered in his Far Rockaway apartment, his death was felt around the industry with friends and fans losing an important player in a large movement.

Chinx was later introduced to French Montana through Max B and the two began working on music together and eventually formed the “Coke Boyz” collective. In 2012 Chinx had a breakout hit with “I’m a Cokeboy” the song was played nonstop in clubs and on the radio, with a remix featuring Rick Ross and Diddy “I’m a Cokeboy” was one of Chinx’ more widely known songs. While working hard to get music out to the fans Chinx spawned five iterations of the Cocaine Riot series.

On May 17th 2015, tragedy strikes as Chinx is gunned down in Queens, NY. While there is still no information on who did this or what the motive was, we are still left with the gift of music Chinx was able to create while he was still alive. on July 17th it was announced that a posthumous album entitled Welcome To JFK will be released on August 14th and features Ty Dolla $ign, Stack Bundles, and more.

While his absence is still felt around the industry, we are all thankful to have heard and enjoyed the sounds of an individual who wanted to paint a picture of his inner thinking. Rest In Peace Chinx.