Aaron Hernandez
Aaron Hernandez (Stephan Savoia/Associated Press)

Aaron Hernandez committed suicide a littler over two weeks ago, just a few days after he was cleared of a double murder from 2014. The former New England Patriots star’s death seemed suspicious to some but a corner deemed it to be a suicide and also three notes were found and one to his fiancee recently became public.

The underlying story in the Hernandez suicide was the fact that his 2015 murder conviction of Odin Lloyd could be voided given that his conviction was appealed and the state of Massachusets has a law which essentially says if someone dies during their appeal, they would be cleared of all pending conviction. It potentially clears his family from any future civil litigations against his estate. A Massachusetts judge made it official, Hernandez is no longer a convicted murderer.

Following from Christina Hager of WBZ in Boston and Sports Lawyer Dan Werly.

Prosecutors do plan on appealing the ruling of the abatement. There is still a possibility that the Lloyd family could file a civil lawsuit against the Hernandez estate and possibly receive some settlement for Lloyd’s murder but today’s ruling by the judge makes it a little more tricky.

As Lindsey Adler of Deadspin points out, there are a number of financial considerations still pending between the NFL, the New England Patriots, and the NFLPA involving Hernandez’s potential violation of his contract at the time of his conviction. This case is far from over.


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