A Tribe Called Quest
Image via Getty/Tabatha Fireman

A Tribe Called Quest ends things with a bang.

This weekend at Bestival, legendary rap group A Tribe Called Quest performed in their final show. Emotions ran high throughout their performance, with a special tribute to their late member Phife Dawg.

In between their 90-minute set, Q-Tip starts to talk about how the group has “suffered a blow.” He then says “We lost our boy Phife Dawg. This is gonna be our last show as A Tribe Called Quest ever.”

Before closing out, the group performed hit songs like “Buggin Out”, “Electric Relaxation”, and “Check The Rhime.” Q-Tip then added with a message saying, “27 years, thanks for all the support you’ve given us over the years. Phife Dawg!” Afterwards, the crowd rang for an encore.

While their announcement was very surprising and caught off guard, we wish A Tribe Called Quest nothing but the best.


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