The rapper turned entrepreneur announced the three new shows via Instagram. (Photo Source Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

50 Cent has announced that he has three new projects lined up with the STARZ network, days after “Power” ends its fourth season and after attacking the network for what he feels is a lack of promotion.

The network’s hit series, “Power,” on which 50 Cent is a co-producer and actor, just wrapped up its fourth season on Sunday. On Tuesday evening, 50 announced on Instagram that he and STARZ have agreed to produce three new television shows — “BMF,” “Tomorrow Today,” and “I Got Away.”

Fans of 50 may remember the names of the first two shows. In May, 50 announced an update to the “BMF” or “Black Mafia Family” television show in an Instagram post. “The writer’s deals are done, there [sic] already working and communicating with BMF inside and out. To have a strong understanding of what transpired. This you don’t want to miss,” 50 wrote in the post’s comments section.

BMF series COMING SOON, you think you know, you have no idea. BIG MEECH

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The “Black Mafia Family” show appears to have been in the works for some time. It will be based on the drug trafficking organization from Detroit that launched its own record label and helped Young Jeezy begin his career. Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory, co-founder of the Black Mafia Family, wrote a letter publicly supporting the “BMF” show.

Last August, 50 talked about the idea behind “Tomorrow, Today” being a superhero drama. 50 said it was about a superhero from the South Side of Chicago who is experimented on by a prison doctor and given incredible powers. The last project 50 announced, “I Got Away,” is a new television with little background information having been released.

A few days ago, 50 was taking shots at STARZ for what he felt was a lack of support for the critically acclaimed “Power.” In a now deleted Instagram post, 50 urged fans to cancel their STARZ subscription after the fourth season finale.

“I don’t think the STARZ network realize your watching POWER because it’s my show,” 50 Cent wrote in the deleted Instagram post’s caption. “So take STARZ out of your cable package after you see POWER tonight. Then they will understand I bet.”

Despite 50 lashing out against the network, “Power” is still enjoying record viewership numbers. He then ended the Instagram post with the hashtag #50Central, promoting his new sketch comedy show with BET.


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